iBriefing is an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app for the General Aviation Pilot and the Aviation enthusiast.
iBriefing includes a worldwide database with 22000+ airports and 8000+ meteorological stations, weather forecasts, wind charts, hazard charts, satellite images, custom weather links, ephemeris, metar, taf, notams.

Documents can be viewed online, saved for offline viewing or imported using the File Sharing function of iTunes.
Documents & briefings can be printed directly from the device using AirPrint or saved as a pdf.

The Tools page includes great circle route calculation, weight & balance, fuel planning, wind calculations, TAS calculation, pressure altitude and density altitude calculation, conversion between metric and English units, Fuel quantities conversion.
iBriefing has been designed to be used worldwide, and does not includes functionalities that rely on resource available solely for the USA.
iBriefing includes in one app all the functions that are necessary to the pilot: airports database, runways data, notams, maps, weather, technical docs, weight & balance, fuel planning and E6B calculations.

iNavigator, iBriefing, iAIP... a full suite of aviation apps for iPhone and iPad:


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Worldwide Airport Database, Charts, Meteo, Weight & Balance, Fuel Planning, E6B...


The iPad app specifically designed to access the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP)

Click here to see the iBriefing User Manual onlinehttp://ibriefing.leosh.com/user_manual/index.php