iBriefing is an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app for the General Aviation Pilot and the Aviation enthusiast.
iBriefing includes a worldwide database with 22000+ airports and 8000+ meteorological stations.
For every airport the following data is presented: ICAO and IATA codes, elevation, variation, runway data, map, notams, Metar/Taf, ephemeris and custom data.
In the Meteo page it is possible to check forecasts, wind charts, satellite images, and custom weather links,
In the Briefcase page it is possible to add and view custom links to checklist, technical data, etc., check the ephemeris of the current position, show any airport's notams or view the offline documents (Offline Briefing).
Documents can be viewed online or imported using the File Sharing function of iTunes (the latest are accessible from the Documents entry).
Files from the Documents folder can be printed directly from the device using AirPrint.
The Tools page includes great circle route calculation, weight & balance, fuel planning, wind calculations, TAS calculation, pressure altitude and density altitude calculation, conversion between metric and English units, and the setting section.
iBriefing has been designed to be used worldwide, and does not includes functionalities that rely on resource available solely for the USA.
Charts, weather data, notams, can be stored in the device to be available in Airplane mode or when there is no connection to internet. To save a document for offline viewing tap the button in the navigation bar.
iBriefing includes in one app all the functions that are necessary to the pilot: airports database, runways data, notams, maps, weather, technical docs, weight & balance, fuel planning and E6B calculations.

iPad compatible!
iBriefing is an Universal Binary application compatible with iPad.



The Favorites page lists the favorites airports. This is the startup page, unless it is empty in this case the Airports page is shown at startup.
The Edit button allows deleting any entry or sorting the list. An airport can be added to the favorites list from the Airports page.
Select an airport from the list to display the airport page.
Choose the options Metar & Taf or Notams to view all the Metar/Taf or Notams of the favorite airports.


Airport Info

The Airport page displays the data of the selected airport.

The following pages are accessible for each airport:

  • Metar & Taf*. Latest available Metar and Taf for the airport.
  • Notams*. Current Notams.
  • Ephemeris. Sun ephemeris, listed with the options set in the Units & Settings. Time is UTC.
  • Show on Map*. Displays airport map from Google Maps.
  • Custom defined links*. User defined link to a webpage, document, chart. To add Briefing Link it is necessary to insert the title (displayed in the list cell) and the URL for the link. Briefing Links are unique for each airport.


The Airports page displays the list of all the airports in the database.
The list is filtered while the ICAO code is inserted.
The selected airport is displayed in the same way as from the Favorites page, with the difference that the Edit button is replaced by the add to favorites button .
Tap on the button to display the page for the nearest airport.


The Meteo page give access to weather related resources, download Metar & Taf for one or more meteorological stations and custom weather links (Custom Meteo).
Weather data is organized in the following categories:
  • Significant weather
  • Winds (surface and winds aloft)
  • Hazards (icing, turbulence, thunderstorms)
  • Analysis
  • Satellite
  • Metar & Taf. Insert one or more ICAO codes separated by space, or only two or three characters of the ICAO code to display all the Metar/Taf of one country or region.

Custom weather links can be added as link to a single web page (like a satellite image) or to four different images (like wind forecast divided in 6 hour intervals).



The Briefcase page give access to notams of any airport (insert one or more ICAO codes separated by space, or only two or three characters of the ICAO code to display all the Metar/Taf of one country or region), local ephemeris computed at the current position. Time is local (LT), and is calculated using the current iPhone/iPod time zone setting and custom links to documents or web pages like technical data, checklists, operating manuals, and more.
The Documents itme in the list contain all the documents uploaded using the File Sharing function of iTunes.

Offline Briefings
iBriefing can store charts, metar/taf, notams, weight & balance, fuel planning, in the device memory so they are accessible also in Airplane mode or when there is no connection to internet. To save a document for offline viewing tap the button in the navigation bar.
Documents stored for offline viewing are listed under Offline Briefing in the Briefcase page. notams and metar/taf can be deleted one by one.
Tap the action button to refresh all the items with the latest data available online or to save the Offline Briefing in PDF format. The file is stored in the Documents folder, can be printed using AirPrint and is accessible using the File Sharing function of iTunes.



The Tools page includes functions to calculate aircraft weight & balance, fuel planning (it is possible to configure any propeller or turbine aircraft with up to 8 seats), solve wind problems, pressure/density altitude and true airspeed calculation, conversion between English (US) and Metrics units, app setup and reset.


Great Circle Route
Use this function to calculate magnetic (or true, if no internet connection is available) bearing and distance between two airports or the current position and an airport.

Aircraft Configuration
The new aircraft is shown in both the Weight & Balance and Fuel Planning sections.
To add a new aircraft the user must insert the following data:
  • Name. The name that will be shown in the table cell (required).
  • Turbine Engine. Turn ON this option for turbine aircraft. It is used to convert fuel quantities between volume and weight units.
  • Weight & Balance. Add the Basic Empty Weight and the weight stations as from the aircraft Operating Manual. It is possible also to change the name of the stations. If the name field is left blank the station will be hidden in the Weight & Balance page.
  • CG Envelope. Up to 8 point can be inserted to define the CG envelope, both arm (X Axis is Momentum = OFF) or momentum (X Axis is Momentum = ON) can be used. The CG envelope is displayed in the Envelope page with the calculated weight & balance point. if MZFW, MTOW and MLDW are non zero they are also shown in the envelope chart.
  • Fuel. Insert the cruise fuel flow, total fuel and unusable fuel. Fuel quantities must be entered as volume or weight as set in the Units & Settings Fuel page. Turn ON the Estimate High Altitude FF to let iBriefing estimate the fuel flow reduction at high altitudes. Fuel consumption is reduced for the second and third hour of flight assuming an higher cruise level.

Weight & Balance
The stations defined in the aircraft configuration are shown with the empty weight, fuel quantity and arms values already pre-loaded. All fields are editable.
Fuel quantities must be entered as volume or weight as set in the Units & Settings, Fuel page (default is Fuel as Volume).
TO Weight and Center of Gravity values are calculated and displayed automatically every time an input data is changed. When present, entering the estimated fuel burned in the BURN field allows calculation of landing weight and CG. Tap the View button to show the Envelope page.


Fuel Planning
The Fuel Planning page is used to compute endurance and the fuel required for a flight. Fuel Flow, Total Fuel and Unusable Fuel values are pre-loaded but editable.
Fuel quantities must be entered as volume or weight as set in the Units & Settings Fuel page.
Planning values are entered in minutes of flight except taxi fuel.
Endurance and Total Time and Fuel are upgraded automatically every time an input data is modified.

The following wind problems can be solved:
  • Wind Effects. Insert known wind, aircraft course and true airspeed to calculate ground speed and aircraft heading.
  • Headwind/Crosswind. Insert known wind and aircraft heading (or runway heading) to calculate head/tail and cross wind components.
  • Wind from Effects. Insert known aircraft heading, course, true airspeed and groundspeed to find wind direction and speed.
The Atmosphere section includes the followings functions:
  • Pressure/Density Altitude. Insert QNH, altimeter altitude and outside air temperature (OAT). Pressure and Density Altitude values are upgraded automatically any time an input value is changed.
  • True Airspeed. Insert calibrated airspeed (CAS) or indicated airspeed (IAS), pressure altitude and outside air temperature . True airspeed (TAS) value is upgraded automatically when the input data changes.

Data can be insert with the keyboard or set using the sliders.


Unit Conversion
Use this functions to convert volume, weight, pressure and length between English and Metrics units. The Fuel Quantities function allows to convert fuel between volume and weight units. The density can be selected between standard values for AVgas and Jet A1 or manually entered.
Data can be insert with the keyboard or set using the slider.

Units & Settings
  • Units. Units can be set to English (US), Metrics and Metrics with altitude in feet and speed in knots (default).
  • Fuel. Choose whether to enter fuel quantity as volume (default) or weight.
  • Ephemeris. Set the number of prediction to show and the interval (days) between each value.
Manage Global Link
Once created, a Global Link is displayed in the record of several airports.
To define a Global Link enter the Title, the URL and the firsts letters of the ICAO code, one two or three letters can be entered. The link will display in the Info page of all airports that have the ICAO code starting with the string inserted.
Offline Briefing Setup
  • Auto Start. Turn on the Auto Start option to let iBriefing delete all the previous entries when an item is added after more than one hour is elapsed since the last was added.
  • Delete All Entries. Delete all entries from the Offline Briefing list.
  • Edit Entries. Select this option to reorder the list or delete a single entry.
  • Metar/Taf. Show or hide the View all Metar/Taf of the Favorites airports command from the Favorites page.
  • Notams. Show or hide the View all Notams of the Favorites airports command from the Favorites page.
Reset All Custom Data
Use this command to restore the initial configuration. Select a regional customization from the list.
Version History

New in version 2.9

  • Improved Weight and Balance.
  • Reorganized Aircraft and E6B menus in the Setup page.
  • Added Speed/Distance/Time calculations.
  • Added Temperature conversions.
  • Several bug fixed.

New in version 2.8

  • Added FIR/UIR Notams.
  • Several bug fixed.

New in version 2.7

  • Added Refresh command for the items in the Offline Briefing.
  • Several bug fixed.

New in version 2.6

  • Added Sigmet in the Meteo page.
  • Several bug fixed.

New in version 2.5

  • Fixed incompatibility issue with IOS 4.3.
  • Database upgrade.
  • Added italian airfields.
  • Added airport search by city/name.

New in version 2.4

  • Added missing stations in the Piaggio Avanti II W&B (a Reset Custom Data is needed to show the correct table).
  • Added Fuel Quantities function in the Conversion section, that allows to convert fuel quantities from weight to volume units.

New in version 2.3

  • Added Maule MX-7-180 and Piaggio Avanti II. A Reset Custom Data is needed to activate the new aircrafts.

New in version 2.2

  • Added Great Circle Route function, to calculate magnetic/true bearing and distance between two airports or from current position to an airport.
  • Added support for turbine aircraft up to 8 seats for Weight & Balance and Fuel planning. Added Citation CJ3 as an example (a Reset Custom Data is needed to show the new aircraft).
  • Added winds aloft at FL450 and FL530 (FL390 for Americas). A Reset Custom Data is needed to show the new charts.

New in version 2.1

  • Added PDF file creation of the Offline Briefing.
  • Added AirPrint support for files in the Documents folder.

New in version 2.0

  • Added Metar & Taf and Notams in the Favorites page to display all the Metar/Taf and notam of favorite airports.
  • Added "current location" button in the airports list to automatically selce the closet airport.
  • Added "current location" button in the wx stations list to automatically select the closest station.
  • New Meteo page, now organized in categories: Significant weather, Winds (surface and winds aloft), Hazards (icing, turbulence, thunderstorms) ,Analysis, Satellite and Metar & Taf.
  • Added Notams to the Briefcase page, to display the notams of one or more airports.
  • New offline document management. Documents to be stored in the device are selected by the user tapping on the "add to offline briefing" button. Offline documents are accessible through the Offline Briefing page under the Briefcase tab.
  • Fixed a bug that cause a crash in the Manage Global Links.
  • Fixed the problem AIP chart not displayed for italian secondary airports.

New in version 1.51

  • Database upgraded
  • Fixed bug causing wrong placeholder in edit fields of conversion pages

New in version 1.50

  • Added support for file sharing with iTunes. Added documents are listed in the Briefcase page

New in version 1.44

  • Fixed a bug the caused the app to close in certain cases
  • Updated AIP Chart link for airports in France (a Reset Custom Data is needed to load the new link)

New in version 1.43

  • Added link to VFR charts for airports in Portugal

New in version 1.42

  • Updated AIP Chart France link. Reset Custom Data needed to activate the new link
  • Removed AIP Chart Italy link. Reset Custom Data needed

New in version 1.40

  • Interface orientation support
  • Updated AIP Chart France link. Reset Custom Data needed to activate the new link

New in version 1.33

  • iPad compatibility
  • Fixed problem of TAF not up to date for certain airports
  • Database updated
  • AIP France link updated

New in version 1.32

  • Added editing of existing Global links
  • Fixed AIP France link

New in version 1.30

  • Added Frequencies section in the airport record page, with ATIS, VOR and NDB frequency
  • Added login support for Briefing Links, Briefcase Links and Global Links. As an example a new Global Link has been added to all italian airports which shows the AIP visual chart. To see the map is necessary to register to the AIP Italia website
  • Added offline support for Metar/Taf, Notams, Briefing Links and Meteo links. The latest downloaded data is stored and shown when the internet connection is not available. The page title will have the word OFFLINE to indicate that the data is old

New in version 1.20

  • Added the possibility to load regional configuration when selecting the Reset command (Currently: Aeroclub Cagliari, Italy, Europe and United States)
  • Added 'Global Links', which are available for all the airport of an ICAO region or country. The following links are pre-loaded when installing for the first time or when selecting the Reset command:
    • Link to Skyvector data for all airports in US
    • AIP info and VFR chart links for all airports in France
    • AIP info link for all airports in UK
    • AIP charts link for all airports in Tunisia
  • Added 'Back' navigation button for web links
  • Fixed a bug in Notam sorting

New in version 1.10

  • Increased size of weather maps
  • Improved precision in local ephemeris computation
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